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Makita Chainsaw EA6100P45E

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Experience the epitome of cutting-edge technology with the Makita Chainsaw EA6100P45E. Hailing from the renowned Makita Company, a pioneer in innovative tools, this chainsaw is a testament to their commitment to excellence. Equipped with a robust 60.7CC petrol engine generating 3.4 KW of power, it effortlessly tackles the most demanding tasks. EA6100P45E 18" bar length and 0.8-liter fuel capacity provide both agility and endurance. Setting it apart is its battery/ electric-free design, ensuring consistent power without the limitations of cords.


The precisely engineered chain, with an optimal pitch and length, guarantees precise and efficient cutting. In a market rife with options, the Makita Chainsaw stands tall as a representation of Japanese technology's superiority over generic Chinese products. When you purchase from Way2Agribusiness India Pvt Ltd, an authorized dealer, you secure a box piece with an unparalleled 100% quality assurance. Backed by a comprehensive warranty, EA6100P45E reflects Makita's commitment to durability and reliability. The Makita Chainsaw EA6100P45E is poised to exceed your expectations and redefine your cutting experience.


Bar length (in)


Chain pitch


Chain type


Power (in HP)/ (Volt)

3.4 KW

Engine type/ Chain gauge

1.5 mm

Displacement (in CC)/ Chain Speed

60.7 mm

Start System


Weight (in kg)

6 Kg

Fuel type/ Electric/Battery


Fuel Capacity (in ltr)/Chain oil tank volume

0.8 L

Country Of Origin