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2" Flow Rate: 20m3/hr

2" Flow Rate: 20m3/hr

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The 2" disk filter, boasting a flow rate of 20 cubic meters per hour, is engineered to deliver efficient liquid filtration across various industrial and agricultural settings. Its compact design and moderate flow capacity cater to smaller-scale operations where space is at a premium.


2’’ flow rate disk filter effectively removes solid particles from liquids, ensuring a clean and clarified output. Whether integrated into irrigation systems, water treatment facilities, or industrial processes, the 2" disk filter promises reliable performance and simplified maintenance, thereby enhancing overall efficiency and productivity. With its sturdy construction and precision engineering, it stands as a valuable tool for achieving optimal filtration outcomes in a range of operational contexts.



Primary & secondary filtration in irrigation


It allows clean water into the micro irrrigation system

Flow rate

20 m3/hr

Inlet/ outlet configuration

2" bsp


Semi automatic

Disk material

Engineering plastic

Material used

Stainless Steel