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Makita Earth Auger DDG460ZXD

Makita Earth Auger DDG460ZXD

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Makita has established itself as a premier producer of top-notch power tools, and the Makita Earth Auger DDG460ZXD underscores their dedication to superior quality. This auger distinguished by its inventive battery-electric concept, providing a robust and environmentally conscious option compared to traditional fuel-driven machinery. With a suitable-capacity battery and a robust electric motor, the Makita Earth Auger DDG460ZXD delivers power of 18 V, ensuring reliable digging performance up to 2 ft for various applications. By functioning on electricity, it eliminates the necessity for fuel, thereby decreasing emissions and establishing an eco-friendly selection. The product description highlights the auger's size, which optimized for efficient and precise digging. The auger's design and construction ensure durability and longevity, even when tackling tough soil conditions and demanding digging tasks.


Being a Makita-branded item, the DDG460ZXD Earth Auger highlights the supremacy of Japanese technology over commonplace Chinese substitutes. Makita's emphasis on meticulous engineering and top-tier materials guarantees the auger's dependability and exceptional performance. As an authorized dealer, Way2Agribusiness India Pvt Ltd offers a comprehensive warranty on the Makita Earth Auger DDG460ZXD, providing farmers with a feeling of assurance. Each auger securely packaged as a box piece, guaranteeing safe delivery to farmers, along with a 100% quality assurance commitment.


Sound pressure

85 DB

Vibration level

2.5 m/s²

Digging depth

2 ft

Bit diameter

25 Cm


18 V

Engine type/model

Not applicable


1350 W

Start system

Self start


7.3 - 8.2 Kg

Fuel type


Fuel capacity

Battery charge - 85 min

Fuel consumption/hour

Battery consumption - 4 hrs

Country of origin