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NPC Emitters - Blue 14 LPH

NPC Emitters - Blue 14 LPH

Special prize

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The Blue NPC Emitters provide consistent and reliable watering, promoting vigorous plant growth and vitality. Their ability to deliver a substantial amount of water efficiently makes them invaluable for sustaining plant health in regions with hot climates or dry soil.


The NPC (Non-Pressure Compensating) Emitters in the Blue variant offer a high flow rate of 14 liters per hour (LPH), making them ideal for plants with frequent watering needs or for use in areas with high evaporation rates. With their generous water output, these emitters ensure that plants receive ample hydration to thrive in challenging environmental conditions.



Areca, coconut & fruits


Used in Greenhouse irrigation, vertical garden, Orchards, Trees, Shrubs & landscape

Operating pressure

1 Kg/cm2

Flow rate

14 LPH

Packing qty

200 no.

Material used

Virgin engineering polymer