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Honda Lawn Mower HRJ196

Honda Lawn Mower HRJ196

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The Honda Power India Ltd is renowned for its commitment to engineering top-notch outdoor power equipment, and the Honda Lawn Mower HRJ196 exemplifies their dedication to excellence. With a rich heritage of producing reliable and efficient machines, Honda has solidified its reputation as a trusted brand in the industry. The HRJ196 Lawn Mower boasts a powerful engine, delivering substantial horsepower of 5 to tackle tough mowing tasks with ease. Key features of HRJ196 are recoil start, cutting 16-75 mm height & 470 mm width, grass catching cap 60 ltr. Its cutting width and depth ensure a wide coverage area and precise grass cutting, providing users with efficient lawn maintenance capabilities. Moreover, the grass-catching capacity of the mower designed to minimize interruptions, allowing users to mow their lawns uninterrupted for longer periods.


The product description emphasizes that the HRJ196 Lawn Mower is petrol-operated, providing the convenience of a fuel-powered machine that can handle various terrains and grass types effectively. As a branded product from Honda, the HRJ196 displays the superiority of Japanese technology over generic China-made alternatives. Honda's unwavering commitment to using high-quality materials and innovative engineering ensures that the lawn mower delivers exceptional performance and durability. Way2Agribusiness India Pvt Ltd, as an authorized dealer, offers a comprehensive warranty on the Honda Lawn Mower HRJ196, assuring farmers of its reliability and post-purchase support. Each mower meticulously packaged as a box piece, ensuring safe and secure delivery to farmers, along with a 100% quality assurance guarantee and receiving a genuine and high-performing Honda Lawn Mower HRJ196 for all their lawn care needs.


Cutting width

470 mm

Grass catcher capacity

60 Ltr

Drive mechanism

Self propelled


5 HP

Engine type/model

GXV 160H2, 4 stroke


163 CC

Start system



49 Kg

Fuel type


Fuel capacity

1.5 Ltr

Fuel consumption/hour

650 ml

Country of origin