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Makita Lawn Mower LM001CZ

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The Makita Company distinguished by its commitment to delivering high-performance power tools and outdoor equipment, and the Makita Lawn Mower LM001CZ exemplifies their dedication to excellence. The LM001CZ Lawn Mower boasts a robust electric motor powered by 36V high power drive system using Makita portable power pack that provides efficient grass cutting. It will work as 3 in 1 (Lawn mowing/ Grass collecting/ Mulching). Equipped with side discharge and with grass level indicator. A standout feature of the LM001CZ is its battery-operated design, offering the convenience of cordless operation without compromising on power. This enables unrestricted movement around the lawn, eliminating the need for fuel and reducing emissions for a cleaner, quieter mowing experience.


As a branded product from Makita, the LM001CZ Lawn Mower embodies the superiority of Japanese technology compared to generic China-made alternatives. Makita's dedication to utilizing top-notch materials and cutting-edge engineering ensures the mower's outstanding performance and durability. Way2Agribusiness India Pvt Ltd, an authorized dealer, provides a comprehensive warranty on the Makita Lawn Mower LM001CZ, instilling confidence in customers. Each mower packaged securely as a box piece, along with a 100% quality assurance commitment, assuring customers that they are acquiring an authentic and high-quality Makita Lawn Mower LM001CZ for their lawn care needs.


Cutting Width ( in mm)

534 mm

Grass Catcher Capacity (in ltr)

70 L

Drive Mechanism


Power (in HP)

36 V

Start System

Electric Start

Weight (in kg)

42.1 - 49.5

Country Of Origin