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Mister Sprinkler with adopter & LPD

Mister Sprinkler with adopter & LPD

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The Mister Sprinkler with Adapter and LPD (Low-Pressure Device) is an effective irrigation tool designed to deliver fine misting for delicate plants and seedlings in agricultural and horticultural settings. This system comprises a mister sprinkler head attached to an adapter with an integrated LPD, ensuring consistent performance even at lower water pressures.


The mister sprinkler emits a gentle mist, providing uniform coverage while minimizing water runoff and evaporation. The LPD regulates water flow and pressure, optimizing water distribution and promoting efficient water usage. With its adjustable flow rate and pattern, users can customize watering to suit the specific needs of their plants. Easy to install and compatible with various irrigation systems, the Mister Sprinkler with Adapter and LPD offers a reliable solution for nurturing sensitive plants and promoting healthy growth while conserving water resources.



Green house, Nuresy, Shade house & leafy vegetables


Micro Sprinklers with LPD provided with a Connecting assembly & supporting stake.

Operating pressure

1.5 Kg/cm²

Flow rate

22 LPH

Coverage area/ Diameter

2.8 m

Connecting tube size

6 mm

Material used

Delrin material