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Kissan Dairy Motor Operated Milking Machine

Kissan Dairy Motor Operated Milking Machine

Special prize

₹26000.00 /




Kissan dairy supplies most of all types of simple and semi-automatic milking machines those are cost effective and helpful for the farmers in shifting milking operations from hand milking to machine milking. Hand operated milking machines, hand with motor operated milking machines and motor operated milking machines besides fixed type motor operated machines are being supplied in the market.


Since labour is the challenge in cow raring operations, motor operated milking machines are very much required for commercial farms. These are much faster than hand operated and cannot be compared with hand milking. This will also be helpful for expansion, can be reduce the stress on the cow by creating good milking routines throughout the lactation, increase the quality and quantity of milk etc. Our motor operated milking machine will be suitable for 6 cows available with can capacity of 20 liters.



0.75 HP

No. of buckets

Single bucket

No. of cows suitable


Can capacity

20 Ltr


16 Kg