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2'' 25m3/hr

2'' 25m3/hr

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The plastic screen filter T type for 2 inches, with a flow rate of 25M3/Hr, offers efficient filtration for water systems of moderate capacity. Its compact design and durable plastic construction make it ideal for use in various applications, from agricultural irrigation to industrial processes.


The plastic screen filter T type designed for 2 inches, boasting a flow rate of 25M3/Hr, is a reliable solution for efficient water filtration systems. Its compact yet sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including agricultural irrigation, industrial processes, and residential water treatment. In this filtration flow rate is moderate, compact size & filtration is effective. Whereas in 2 1/2” Flow Rate: 30M3/Hr high flow rate, large diameter & reliable performance.



Primary irrigation


It allows clean water into the micri irrrigation system

Flow rate

25 m3/ hr


2" bsp

Mesh size

120 mesh filtration degree

Installation position


Screen material

Standard SS Screen

Material used

Polypropylene Glass Filled


5.3 Kg