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Honda Power Reaper PRH-160

Honda Power Reaper PRH-160

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The Power Reaper PRH-160 powered by Honda, an outstanding farming tool engineered to simplify the reaping process with unparalleled efficiency. Weighing 120 kg and powered by Honda's GX160 engine, this advanced 4-stroke tool delivers 4.8 horsepower at 3600 rpm. This reaper offers adjustable cutting heights from 1 to 2 inches and a cutting width of 1200 mm, ensuring precise harvesting in diverse agricultural conditions. Equipped with a conveyor mechanism driven by a chain and star wheel, the reaper operates at an efficient speed of 2.9 km / hr., covering fields comprehensively.


Power Reaper PRH-160 wide harvest coverage enhances productivity, enabling swift and cost-effective operations with minimal labour. This reaper combines fuel efficiency, easy starting, and robust durability for powerful and compact performance. Backed by our commitment to quality, the Honda Power Reaper PRH-160 promises reliable results, enhancing farming efficiency and productivity across all applications.


Cutting width

47 inch

Cutting height

1 to 2 inch


4.8 HP - 3600 RPM

Conveyor mechanism

Chain drive & Star wheel (4 Rows)

Engine type/model

Honda GX160

Start system



1 Forward, 1 Reverse


120 Kg approx.

Fuel type


Fuel capacity

3.1 Ltr

Fuel consumption/hour

1.4 Ltr

Country of origin

India (Engine - Japan)