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Texas Power Tiller Alligator 9DPE

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The Texas Power Tiller Alligator 9DPE is a truly remarkable gardening tool that excels with its special features and capabilities. Powered by a robust engine, the Alligator 9DPE boasts with 8.71 high horsepower capacity, ensuring efficient and powerful performance for various agricultural tasks. The advantage of gear drive further enhances its efficiency, allowing for smooth operation and precise control, making it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced users. The product description of the Alligator 9DPE includes its sturdy build and user-friendly design, ensuring ease of use and durability. Notably, this power tiller comes with a trailer fixing option, providing versatility and allowing users to attach it to a trailer for convenient transportation, enhancing its usability and practicality.


As a branded product from Texas, the Alligator 9DPE demonstrates the excellence of Denmark technology over generic China products, guaranteeing top-notch performance and reliability. Its superior engineering ensures exceptional results, making it a reliable companion for gardening enthusiasts and professional farmers alike. As an authorized dealer, Way2Agribusiness India Pvt Ltd provides a comprehensive warranty for the Alligator 9DPE power tiller or power tiller, offering customers peace of mind and safeguarding their investment. Each power weeder carefully packaged as a box piece, ensuring secure delivery, installation support and smooth functioning. With 100% quality assurance from us, farmers’ can trust that the Texas Alligator 9DPE will deliver outstanding performance, making agri activity more efficient.


Tilling Width (in inch)

1380 mm

Tilling Depth (in inch)

100 mm

Power (in HP)

8.71 HP

Engine Type/ Model

OHV, 4 stroke

Displacement (in CC)

418 CC

Start System

Self Start


2 Forward, 1 Reverse

Weight (in kg)

140 Kg

Fuel Type


Fuel Capacity (in Ltr)

5.0 L

Fuel Consumption/Hour

700 ml

Country Of Origin