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Texas TXPPS 50 TG Portable Sprayer

Texas TXPPS 50 TG Portable Sprayer

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The TXPPS 50 TG Portable Sprayer is a testament to the excellence of the Texas Company, known for its innovation and top-notch products. It is an effective 4 stroke Gasoline sprayer with the Engine Power of 1.5 Kw/7000RPM, this portable sprayer is a reliable and powerful tool for agricultural and gardening applications. The product description of the TXPPS 50 TG highlights its portability, making it easy for users to move around and apply fertilizers, pesticides, and other liquids with ease. The compact design and user-friendly features ensure convenience and flexibility in various spraying tasks, whether in small garden spaces or large agricultural fields.


As a branded product from Texas, the TXPPS 50 TG Portable Sprayer stands as a testament to the superiority of Denmark technology over other generic sprayers. Texas's commitment to using high-quality materials and advanced technology guarantees a durable and high-performance sprayer that surpasses its competitors in terms of efficiency and reliability. Way2Agribusiness India Pvt Ltd, an authorized dealer of the TXPPS 50 TG Portable Sprayer, offers customers a comprehensive warranty, ensuring the sprayer's longevity and reliability. Each sprayer carefully packaged as a box piece and smooth functioning. Moreover, Way2Agribusiness guarantees 100% quality assurance, ensuring that farmers receive an authentic Texas product that meets their spraying needs with excellence. With the TXPPS 50 TG Portable Sprayer, users can achieve precise and effective spraying results for all their agricultural and gardening requirements.


Spray capacity

3.3 - 7 lpm

Sprayer tank capacity

Not applicable


1.5 KW

Start system


Sprayer type


Engine type

4 stroke

Fuel system


Fuel capacity

630 ml

Country of origin