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Plastic Impact Sprinklers (S3P)

Plastic Impact Sprinklers (S3P)

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The Plastic Impact Sprinkler S3P offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for irrigation needs in agricultural and landscaping settings. Constructed from durable plastic materials, this sprinkler is lightweight yet robust, providing longevity and resistance to corrosion.


The S3P model delivers consistent and uniform water coverage over a wide area, making it suitable for irrigating large fields or gardens. With adjustable spray patterns and distance settings, users can easily customize watering routines to match the specific requirements of their crops or plants. Easy to install and maintain, the Plastic Impact Sprinkler S3P offers a practical and versatile solution for achieving optimal irrigation and promoting healthy plant growth.



Field crops & lawns


For irrigation

Operating pressure

200 kpa - 300 kpa

Flow rate

1.32 m3/hr- 2.17m3/hr

Nozzle size

4mm, 4.5 & 5mm

Coverage area/ Diameter

24.5 to 30 mtr

Spray pattern

Full circle

Connector type


Material used

Engineering plastic