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Arecanut Climber

Arecanut Climber

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Introducing the Way2Agritech Two Rod Areca Climber, a premium quality standing-type tool meticulously crafted for efficient Areca harvesting. This climber consists of left and right assemblies made from durable SS 202 grade metal, ensuring longevity and robustness. Its main structure features a vertical solid rod with a 10 mm diameter, capable of securely supporting up to 80 kg during climbing operations. Accompanied by a 6 mm diameter, 50 mm long GI steel rope, the climber can handle weights up to 500 kg when used with a rope stand, ensuring exceptional reliability. The difference between the Coconut and Areca nut climber lies only in the rope & tyre provided.


Way2Agritech's Areca Climber integrates high-quality components, including petal mild steel, double-side locking plastic knobs, an 8 mm thick sturdy tyre-holding clamp, and safety-focused nylon lock nuts. Welded with precision using SS 308, SS 309, and Ms 6018 for enhanced strength, the joints contribute to its overall stability. For added safety measures, users can utilize a full-body safety belt during climbing operations. This Areca Climber is designed to significantly boost harvesting efficiency while prioritizing user safety, making it a dependable choice for agricultural productivity.


Weight holding capacity

80-90 Kg

Material used

Stainless steel

No. of rods

2 rods


9.4 Kg

Safety belt

Available (Extra Rs.500)