HTP Sprayer

The Horizontal Triplex Power sprayer (HTP Sprayer) is a versatile agricultural equipment powered by Honda Power Products Ltd, featuring engines like the GX80 (2 hp) and GX160 (5 hp) for reliable performance. The HTP pump sourced from reasonably good brands/ companies such as Aspee, Sampoorthi and others, ensuring efficient spraying. This high-quality sprayer consists of essential components: the engine, pump, gun, stand, hose pipe, and more. When it comes to brands, the HTP stands out, with trusted names like Honda, providing superior quality compared to cheaper Chinese alternatives.

High Discharge
Original Product


HTP Sprayers excel in various agricultural applications, particularly suited for crops like Arecanut, Coconut, and other tall plants that require extended reach and coverage. The product guarantees reliability with a warranty and comes in a well-packaged box. Way2Agribusiness India Pvt Ltd, an authorized dealer and channel partner, ensures 100% quality assurance, making it a preferred choice for farmers looking for dependable and efficient sprayers. With its Honda engine power, premium pump source, and unbeatable quality, the HTP Sprayer is the go-to solution for modern agriculture.

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